Frequently asked questions

At what age can we start with a ski- or snowboardcourse?

With 3 years kids can try skiing in our trial days or with a private teacher.

Our snowboard courses start from the age of 8! For smaller kids from 3 years we offer a special private training in our Burton Riglet Park.

We recommend: Book a trial day and see how your beloved one likes the course.
PLEASE NOTE: Your child should want to learn the sport!

Is there a possibility to test a course?

With us you have the possibility to check every course with a trial day, to see if you or your kids like it. At our skischool office you are able to book further days. Of course the cost of the trial day will be deducted! 

Do I need to have a booking for a group course?


Yes! Please definitely book the place in the group online in advance. That´s the only way to guarantee a place. You will find our online shop at The requested course is not bookable? Please contact our skischool office via email.



Do we need a skipass?

Yes, please get a skipass! Adults and snowboarders will need a skipass right now. For kids we need it, as soon as they do a snowplow and turns. Skipasses are not included in our prices. You find all the information regarding the skiing area via

Where do the groups meet?

All our courses start and end in the valley. You don´t have to bring your kids up mountain. The meeting points are easily accessible and always near parking spaces, INTERSPORT rental shops and near the big cable cars. 

What does my kid have to have in the course?


First of all we need the equipment and  also a skipass. Within the course we will have a short break. The kids get drinks at the skischool. All kids really like to have a small snack with them. Please pack the snack directly in the jacket. A backpack would get in the way at the cable cars.



Should the parents stay nearby?


Please bring your kids on time and relaxed and say goodbye then. The kids can easier focus on the teacher and the programme, when mum and dad are not beneath them. Let the kids have fun together and proudly present you the progress and tell you about the course at the end of the lessons. We do have you contact data and will definitely call you, if there are any problems.



How is my child properly dressed?

Fitting equipment, a ski pants and jacket, good gloves and a helmet that fits – those are the basics for skiing. With skisocks and warming functional sportswear the kids fell well all day long. Please keep an eye on the protection of the kids skin and eyes with sunblocker and sunglasses or snow goggles (for fog and snow) and cold protection cream depending on the weather. Neckwear or storm masks help to adjust to changing weather conditions. Please avoid long scarfs and loose cords. Our teachers can check the equipment.

If you want to get perfect information about the right gear visit our shops INTERSPORT Bad Kleinkirchheim

How does the skischool do the group coordination?

Our skischool team is planning the groups best possible regarding the level (ability and speed) and is also keeping an eye on the age and language. (attention- the language we can´t promise) 

What language do the ski teachers speak?

During the lessons our sports teachers basically speak german and english. In total we are able to teach in 14 languages. So very often we speak f.e. dutch, italian or slovenian. The groups are formed best possible, but we can not promise a language.

Basically we see: the kids are absolutely fine and are able to follow the instructions.

Can we switch a course or a group?


For changes in the booking or the courses our skischool office team will be there for you. Let us know about your wishes and we will recommend some options. 



Can our kids join the same group?

If the level is the same, the kids can be in one group. Please come to our organisation team on the first day of skiing, to ask about that. You can even give us a note about that directly with the online booking, so we can organize that. 

Are the group course tickets valid for days in a row?

Yes, the bookings are for the days in a row. The groups are making progress together. Of course you can skip a day (Attention, a group change could take place here), but it´s not possible to take that day additionally or for someone else, it expires. 

Can we join courses mid week?

During christmas time our group courses start every day, the rest of the season always sunday and monday. With a booking there is a possibility for you to join the groups mid week, depending on the availabilities. Please get in touch with our skischool office.

Can you manage that in time if parents and children go to the ski course?

Yes, the division is timed that the adults start 15 minutes later and finish 15 minutes earlier or the children are looked after until they are picked up by their parents!

My child has special needs – what are the possibilities?

Just let us know, what it is about. We have some experience and can advice about the best version to learn skiing. With short, clear advance information, nothing stands in the way of beautiful days on the slopes!

Do we get the money back if you don't like the course?

In our ski school there are offers (trial days, extensions possible day by day ...) to keep the "risk" as low as possible! We are happy to transfer the already paid course to other people!

Cancellation conditions In the event of non-attendance or cancellation, 100% of the course costs are due. We ask that you pay the invoice on account in the online shop in advance or, in the case of short-term bookings, on site by the first day at the latest in one of our ski school offices. Booked hours are per day and cannot be split or moved. Shortening of lesson times or rebookings are only possible after consultation with the ski school office. We recommend taking out travel insurance.

Here are our terms and conditions:

How do we choose the correct level?

At our online shops you find the ? right beneath the level. There we describe the abilities the level already has. 

We plan the groups with this information – but if we need to change a group because of a different level, we will do that directly on the snow. 

Is there an option to rent equipment?

Our partner INTERSPORT Bad Kleinkirchheim has 3 rental shops and 2 sports shops. We recommend a reservation via

How can I book private lessons?


We recommend to book private lessons via email. We also do that a few weeks before. Otherwise it might be, that we are already blocked at the favourite course time at peak season weeks.



Can we use the ski school’s kids area and magic carpet on our own?

We´re sorry, that is only possible with a ski teacher during the lessons. In terms of liability and insurance we can not allow anything else. At the meeting points at Kaiserburg and Bach there are public magic carpets!

I am interested in becoming a ski teacher myself.


That´s wonderful! Please let us know. We can give you all the information you need and advice about the courses. Of course you are welcome in our team!