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Ski-& Splitboard Touren

The ski tour experience in the Nock Mountains! With our guide you are absolutely safe on the track!

For beginners, we have our introductory ski & splitboard testing training course with a small tour.

Here you learn from the set-up of the equipment to the technique of the ascent as well as the correct learning of the descent with the special equipment.

A simple introduction to the other programs of the adventure tour is guaranteed!

Adventure tour on the Brunnach:

The route starts from the valley station of the Brunnach Biosphere Park Railway. Equipment for the tour can also be rented here. Then it's off towards the Schafalpe, right into the heart of the Nockberge biosphere reserve. Of course, when defining the route, we always focus on the group and the current weather and snow conditions. So every tour is something completely individual. The descent away from the slopes is a special experience and "reward".

Alternatively, you can also take the groomed slope down to the valley.

Booking for the testing program tel. +43 4240/70

Booking for the adventure tour tel.+43 4240/555

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Guided Ski- Splitboard Tour

per person*

Testing ski- splitboard tour for beginners

Adventure Skitour 3-5H (max.6Pax class)

€ 72,-


*for a group of at least 3 persons
Special offer for the Adventure Skitour equipment rental at Intersport Rent € 19,--!